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What's this all about then?

Welcome to the new-look Here's a quick overview of the changes and new features in our redesign and what you can expect from our new Oi! blog.

Oi! What do you think of's new look?

We've redesigned the site to hopefully make it easier for you to find the content you're looking for, as well as other cool stuff that you might find interesting too!

We've expanded the number of main categories you'll see in the top and left hand navigation bars to get access to content we've always had, but perhaps was a little hard to find. Along with what we believe is a better way to find your way around the site, we've beefed up many sections and added lots of new you-beaut features such as Hot Products of the Week, the ability to search for a product by brand and improved reader ratings and feedback. From now on, you'll have to be a member to post your opinion, which we think will lead to much more meaningful feedback -- sorry anonymous gamers, we're over the "360 is best" -- "No it's crap, stupidhead" postings.

Of course no self-respecting web publication doesn't have some kind of blog these days, and so, dear readers, welcome to Oi! We intend it to be a quick and somewhat-irreverent Aussie eye on what new, hot, fun and quirky. Don't expect the rant-on-about-whatever-issue-tickles-my-fancy type blog. We promise not to use this space as a personal soapbox - OK, well maybe sometimes, but not on a regular basis.

This is a "big bang" type of redesign, but we will be continually working to make easier to use and more useful for our readers. Plus, we love keeping our design and tech teams stacked up with projects, so tell us below what you like or don't like about Mark II and what we can do to make it better.