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What's the best DS Lite case?

Crave ponders which DS Lite case is best--or if you even need one at all.

NDSL80 DS Lite carrying case
I love this DS carrying case--I'm just not sure who makes it. John Falcone, CNET

Recently, I had a chance to check out the Logitech PlayGear Pocket Lite, a carrying case for the Nintendo DS Lite. Basically, it's a perfectly good case made of durable hard plastic with space for carrying four additional DS games. It even allows you to add customized skins (protected on the inside of the clear shell). But the whole thing seemed somewhat superfluous to me, mostly because the DS Lite is already so well-designed: the clamshell enclosure keeps the unit's dual screens safe (unlike the PSP, which really does need a protective case).

Logitech PlayGear Pocket Lite: Nice, but it'll be overkill for many Sarah Tew, CNET

While I do think the DS Lite can go naked, the fact is that I do have a case for mine. It's a nice zippered cloth model with plenty of padding, and a zippered pouch on the outside for storing extra game cartridges (see photo above). Since the pocket is flexible, you can fit several DS and/or full-size Game Boy cartridges. I even keep a retractable USB charging cable in there as well, but with a bit of creative stuffing, you could even jam the standard DS Lite AC charger.

The only problem? I'm not sure who makes this thing. The tiny tag inside says "designed and manufactured by R.D.S. Industries, Inc.--Torrance, CA." That gets you some hits on Google, but not the product in question. Some additional digging tracked down what looks like my case: the NDSL80 by ALS Industries. Several colors are available, and it seems to sell for anywhere from $5 to $30.

My question to you: do you have a favorite case for the DS Lite? Or do you think it's an unnecessary accessory for the already tough clamshell handheld?

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