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What's My Name: Android app tests name memory

Let your Android device quiz you on the names of your friends and contacts. The What's My Name app turns remembering names into a game.

What's My Name app
This guy's name probably isn't "Annette." (Click to enlarge.) Knowlysis

As someone who's bad at remembering names, I have developed several survival mechanisms. I post my neighbors' names on the fridge. I attempt to use mnemonic devices like matching names to celebrities or figuring out creative rhymes.

None of these techniques actually help much. That's where an app like What's My Name for Android comes in to save the day.

Thankfully, the app doesn't make you snap a pic of every new person you meet. That could be a little awkward. What's My Name imports photos from your contacts, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

The photos are then displayed with a choice of four different names. Choose the wrong one and a big red "X" lets you know you failed miserably and should try harder.

Names can be broken down into groups so you can separate out your drinking buddies from your clients or in-laws.

The flash card-style game can be played in continuous mode or timed mode to simulate the pressure you'll be under during an important business meeting or social mixer or when greeting well-wishers at your wedding.

The app from developer Knowlysis costs $1.99 after a one-week free trial. It should be handy for heading off the embarrassment of calling someone by the wrong name or referring to him as "That guy over there. Whatshisface. You know who I'm talking about."