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What's Kevin Rose's new gig?

Rumors say the Digg creator is ready to launch a new start-up.

Digg creator Kevin Rose is reportedly at work on a new start-up, according to blog reports.

What's Kevin Rose's new gig?

The new company, which Rose is developing with Leah Culver and Digg colleague Daniel Burka, is developing a communication tool that could be an "IM competitor," Om Malik reported.

Bloggers were buzzing over the news, and wondering what direction the news business, which may launch later this month, would take.

Blog community response:

"Even though twitter is compared as a sort of IM tool, it's more like group promotion and IM all rolled into one. I'm hoping that this new tool is going to make things faster, and better. I just can't see a ton of room left in the IM marketplace at this time. Video, lifecasting, search, and twitter mash ups top my list of most interesting right now."
--Technically Speaking

"The initial and obvious thought would be a Digg-like, Twitter-like thing--but if people are already questioning the usefulness of Twitter, they will really question the usefulness of voting on the mundane things people are saying. Instead, I'm guessing it won't be anything related to Digg as Rose only took Burka with him from Digg to work on it."
--Paris Lemon

"I love that this article has been dugg by dburka. Sounds like validation to me!"