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What's inside The Onion's $4,250.99 black box?

The Onion reports it's been purchased by a Chinese company that specializes in fishing and polymer injection. So what surprises does its new company store hold?

It may not be April Fools', but don't tell that to The Onion. On Monday, the satire magazine posted news of its fake sale to a fictional Chinese company called Yu Wan Mei that specializes in "amalgamated salvage fisheries and polymer injection."

Along with changes to all of The Onion's front page content, the site's online store underwent a revamp with some humorous entries. The best? A $4,250.99 mystery device with no purpose or explanation besides three glowing LEDs and what looks like a cell phone antenna. Its description simply reads "the device has been completed and is now available for sale. Code 41-Virtue-00B."

Amusingly enough, you can get as far as adding the item to your cart and going through checkout, although you can't actually make the purchase. However the T-shirts on the site are real. More products can be found on Yu Wan Mei's site, which is--of course, fictional.

The lights are there for your protection, and obedience. The Onion