What's grabbed your attention at CES so far? (poll)

We know that it can be a lot to take in, but now that the Consumer Electronics Show gadget blowout is in full force, what's getting you excited?

waterproof Fujitsu tablet
Excited by the idea of being able to jump in a lake with your gadgets? Fujitsu's F01D Android tablet boasts the ability to not die while taking a swim. Eric Mack/CNET

Is your gadget-obsessed head spinning from all the gear pouring out of CES 2012? Well, screw it on tight, readers. With dozens of CNET reporters and editors on the ground in Vegas and several days of the blowout left to go, there's plenty more where that came from.

Believe us, with gizmos filling the equivalent of 35 football fields, we know it can all get a wee bit overwhelming. Still, even the most fatigued gadget watcher would probably agree that a few offerings already stand out.

Step back from the madness for a minute, if you will, and tell us what's got your inner gadget geek going so far. What has you feeling hopeful and excited about consumer electronics in 2012?

Are you jazzed about bigger, thinner, brighter TVs? The wave of ultrabooks? Shape-shifting gadgets that can bend to your whim for a laptop or tablet? The promise of panoramic video on smartphones? Those "Star Trek"-reminiscent 3D printers?

Vote in our poll, and be sure to tell us what we missed in the comments section below. Then, for still more gadget abundance, head back to our full CES 2012 coverage.

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