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What's for dinner? Ask the oven

LG's new single and double wall ovens come with a built-in recipe bank.

Every Sunday, before I go grocery shopping, I gather my family around the table and ask, "What do you want for dinner this week?" And every Sunday, right after I ask, everyone is suddenly extremely busy counting the tiles in the kitchen backsplash. Which is why I often find myself staring at that same backsplash come 5 p.m., wondering what the heck to feed my brood tonight.

If only my oven could tell me what to make!

The new LG double wall oven.
The oven's so bright you might have to wear shades. LG

That's what one of the latest kitchen offerings from LG attempts to do. The new single and double built-in wall ovens (available in October) come complete with a recipe bank preloaded with 100 gourmet recipes across 10 food categories. For about half of those recipes, selecting the recipe automatically sets the oven to the proper cooking cycle.

With the extra-large capacity of 4.7 cubic feet of interior space, you shouldn't have any trouble fitting all your dishes inside. And the oven uses a convection system to preheat faster and distribute heat more evenly, so even if you do put several pans and casseroles inside, everything should come out perfectly cooked.

Controls are accessed via a 7-inch touch screen, and the stainless steel exterior showcases the brilliant blue interior perfectly. You get a sleek look with a splash of unexpected color.

Of course, perfection has its price. The single oven is set to retail at $2,199, and the double oven will set you back $3,399. That's about twice what you'd pay for a more ordinary double wall oven--but then you'd have to figure out what to cook all by yourself.