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What's Crackin' with that Laptop?

Blog which discusses laptop skins an accessory written in a teenager's voice.
While chillaxin' on campus the other day, I saw a phat laptop. The owner customized their laptop with a cover similar to electronic skins available for your cell phone, MP3 player or gaming device. Having a laptop of my own, I decided to explore this accessory on the net and came across three websites that offer customization of your electronic device: Skinit, DecalGirl, and Schticker. Each website offers pre-designed or customized skins.

Skinit has the largest selection which includes exclusive rights to NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL professional teams as well as collegiate just to name a few. Skins offer individuality and an opportunity to express your style - "this is who I am". Show your pride by adding your school colors; add a skin of your BFFs, or your favorite athletes' number and team. How you gonna rock your laptop?

Send us photos of your stuttined' out laptop and we will post it on our blog.