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15 tweets about what your refrigerator says about you

Social Studies: A new hashtag game is trending on Twitter Wednesday that has some questioning their choices in life and others dishing out the hilarity.

Checking out Twitter this morning during my commute I was once again struck by people's creativity.

Another hashtag game started with a premise that made me wonder why it became popular. But the tweets that it spawned took on a life of their own. I now don't feel as bad about the contents of my refrigerator because it seems a lot of people share my habits. My refrigerator, you ask? Yes. My refrigerator.

Ladies and gentlemen I give you #WhatMyRefrigeratorSaysAboutMe.

We'll start with those who believe their refrigerator is actually doing the talking in this scenario:

There are also those who take the hashtag to mean it is a window into their soul:

Then there's just general silliness: