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What you can buy for the price of an iPhone, part deux

Bring on the pointlessness!

Earlier today, Will Greenwald outlined for all of you the sorts of electronics you could buy for the same price as an iPhone--iPods, gaming consoles, etc. But he missed a lot of really cool stuff, unfortunately. So, esteemed readers, here's what you can really buy for the price of an iPhone.

Would Jim buy an iPhone, or would he waste the cash on dumb cubicle gadgets? NBC Television

-- One USB rocket launcher ($40); 20 packs of chocolate covered espresso beans ($200); one pair of Reef flip-flops with built-in bottle openers ($42); 72 packs of strawberry Jell-O for the purpose of encasing your co-workers' office supplies ($90); 8 large meat-lovers' pizzas (~$100); two Marshmallow Shooter guns (~$50); and the rest left over to pay the barber's bill when you ask for "the Jim Halpert haircut."

-- Two seven-foot-tall suits of armor from

-- 240 9.5-ounce bags of Cheetos.

Jose Cuervo

-- One one-way JetBlue ticket from New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport to the Mexican spring break hub of Cancun, Mexico ($399); five handles of Jose Cuervo Especial (~$100); one case of Corona Extra (~$60); one tube of Neutrogena SPF 55 sunscreen for that 'computer science white' skin tone ($12); a straw cowboy hat from Target ($13); and $25 worth of salt and limes.

-- One pair of Christian Louboutin 'Kelly Strass' pumps from, and $16 to cover express shipping so you can wear them out this weekend.

-- 30 pounds of Sweet Factory jelly beans (~$180); 200 Giant Pixy Stix (~$200); 20 pounds of Blue Raspberry Gummy Rings ($160); a motion-activated talking pinata (~$30), and $30 to go toward your dental bill.

-- One 1992 Volvo 740 thanks to Craigslist: Apparently, it has two dents but "runs great."