What we Craved this week

A look back at the most interesting and weirdest gadgets of the week.

If you have a short memory or didn't have time to catch up on Crave this week (editor's note: for shame!), no worries, we've got you covered. Here's a look back at the truly interesting, strange, and wonderfully silly gadgets we checked out.


• Dell was able to whip up a lot of press coverage--us included--this week with mere mention that it might enter the smartphone market and revisit its past life as a seller of MP3 players. But the guys in Round Rock, Texas, actually did release some real, live products this week, most notably the mini-desktop they're calling the Dell Studio Hybrid.

• LG made good on its promise at CES to make a Blu-ray player that also streams Netflix Watch It Now videos. The guys at CNET Reviews got their hands on one of the first boxes.

• Someone has to be fairly passionate about the Olympics--and be desperate to show off their status with their cell phone--to be into this.

Heart Robot
Heart Robot

• CNET's Molly Wood has a polite request for Steve Jobs & Co.

• A really, really, really old calculator.

• A robot that mimics human emotions. Creepy? Cute? You decide.

• The latest in stab-resistant clothing. Bulletproof vests are so last season.

See anything awesome we missed? Send it our way at crave at cnet dot com.

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