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What we Craved this week: The iPhone 3GS aftermath

We review some of the week's top news, in case you missed it.

Now that the iPhone 3GS is officially in the wild--and selling at a pretty astounding pace--you might think there'd be fewer stories about Apple's device. You'd be wrong. However, plenty of other noteworthy stuff happened in gadget land this week too, and we made sure to include it below.

HP Calculator iPhone
HP's old-school calculator gets upgraded for the iPhone. Screenshot by Stephen Shankland/CNET

• Nudity briefly made its way onto the iPhone via an application, before Apple's App Store overlords intervened.

• Hewlett-Packard's vintage calculator emulator for the iPhone had some people drooling for a different reason.

• The newest iPhone also doubles as an underwater camera--at least for this guy.

• HTC announced something that's not an iPhone: the Hero, which will run Android.

• Scientists have discovered a way to make a synthetic 'tree' that captures carbon 1,000 times faster than the actual carbon-based kind that grows in the ground.

• And finally, the PSP Go stopped by CNET's offices for a quick demo on video. Make sure to check it out.