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What we Craved this week: Nexus One, Netflix to Wii, bear country

This week in review will have no jokes about Conan or Leno. Honest.

This week has been big on Google. The company's Nexus One's pricing has gotten a few tweaks and The Woz declared it his favorite gadget--quite a statement coming from the co-founder of Apple, makers of the iPhone, the Nexus One's direct target.

Speaking of Apple, one of its lawyers accidentally let slip the fact that the infamous Apple tablet might someday exist even though it doesn't really exist. This is due to Gawker's $10,000 bounty on anything confirming that the nonexistent tablet exists. I hope he takes PayPal.

Speaking of people messing things up, did you hear the one about the bear who ate an airplane and then the airplane owner fixed it with duct tape and then flew it home? Well I did. True story, too.

And some good news for Wii owners: Your consoles are getting Netflix streaming content. At this clip everything will have Netflix in about five years including my espresso machine. Or at least I'm hoping.