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What we craved this week: E3, Palm's Pre plans, and cheap laptops

This week was a fun one, no matter what kind of geek you are.

It's Friday, time for beer. Matt Hickey

E3 was a blast this year with exciting announcements from Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. But it wasn't all about gaming. In fact we've given much attention to Palm and Sprint's rollout of the Pre, a device we fell in love with on accident at CES a few months ago.

We also found some sub-$300 laptops from Dell that had us interested, as well as Sony Ericsson's take on an app store.

And finally we discussed future tech, including AMD's DirectX 11 GPU and prototype self-assembling robots that will kill us all.

Oh, and some band named the Beatles is getting its own version of Rock Band. Wake me up when the Monkees get one, OK?