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What we Craved this week: Cute bots, MMS, tablets, and T-Pain

If T-Pain ever googles his name he might want to beat me up. But I can take him.

Nokia's X3 makes music. Nokia

It's been a busy week here at Crave with a whole lot of gadget news coming out of IFA 2009 in Berlin, including Toshiba announcing a touch-screen tablet called the JournE. This is, perhaps, Toshiba's effort to take on Apple's mythical machine before it's even official. Begun, the tablet wars have.

• We also saw some new photo and video gear from Panasonic. The company's betting quite a bit on the future of cinema being in 3D, and we think that's a good bet to make.

• Nokia's World Conference, also in Germany, was the venue for the debut of a pair of new high-end music phones, the X6 and the X3. Nokia's phones usually have boring names, but we're glad they're now naming them after experimental aircraft. Go, Nokia, go.

• Logitech's new Wi-Fi radio is an improvement on its already awesome lineup and includes Flickr integration, which, while pointless, is rather cool. I want one.

• The PS3 and the Xbox 360 have finally--finally--bested the Wii from Nintendo in U.S. sales. It was a tough road to get to the top, but they made it. Welcome to the big league, guys.

What can we say, except awww? Will Wagenaar

• Just when I was sick of Auto-Tune and the millions of songs that abuse it, and just when I thought it was going away, T-Pain brings an app to the iPhone that Auto-Tunes everything. Thanks, Shor-tay. Thanks a lot.

• These robot sculptures are adorable and I wish they were real and I had one as a pet. I would name him "Clanky." Or "Josh."

• Oh, and there was some stuff going around about the iPhone getting MMS or something. I may have missed it.

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