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What we Craved this week: Blu-ray, e-book news, ancient video games

Our favorite stuff from Crave this week includes news about an e-reader from Samsung and a look at console games of yore that deserve a second life.

Samsung SNE-50K
Samsung's new e-book reader, the SNE-50K Samsung Electronics

This week has been a hot one here in Seattle and a fun one at Crave. We've covered Blu-ray players that cost more than laptops as well as cheap laptops with Blu-ray players included. We don't have any idea what's going on either.

There have been a few interesting developments in the e-book reader department with Samsung announcing it's joining the fray and Barnes and Noble re-entering the e-book market.

Technically speaking, the iPhone is a popular e-book reader, but it still has its flaws. Case in point, a vulnerability in iPhone software could allow hackers to take control of the device via a text message. Thankfully there's a patch out now.

And Dan Ackerman looks back at some of the console games of yore he thinks deserve another shot as downloadable content. I agree with him on these choices completely.