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What we Craved this week

Motion controller for Xbox, Netflix on the PS3, Samsung Papyrus e-book reader, and more.

Take a break from contemplating whether you're "cool enough" to own a Mac and check out some of the more newsworthy gadget stories that graced Crave this week.

Gametrak controller

• Samsung's e-book reader nears its launch. Rumor has it for less than $300.

• If an Xbox controller and a Wii-mote mated, the offspring would probably look like this.

• The ultimate DIY arcadegoes horribly, horribly wrong.

• David Carnoy makes a valid argument about why the PS3 needs Netflix streaming pronto.

• Your contract is finally up. Do you get an iPhone or wait until Palm finally releases the Pre? Bonnie Cha sizes up the two handsets side by side.

Speaking of smartphones, CTIA starts in Vegas on Wednesday and there will be loads of mobile coverage right here at Crave. Make sure to come back then!