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What we Craved this week

A roundup of this week's coolest and weirdest stories on Crave.

There was a lot packed into the news this past week: two high-profile gadget news events, the beginning of the NCAA basketball tournament, another newspaper getting axed, and the dawning of spring. Here are some other noteworthy stuff that happened on Crave.

iPhone copy and paste
OMG! Apple announced this week that copy/paste is coming to the iPhone. James Martin/CNET

• "Star Trek"-themed cologne. How has no one thought of this before?

• It looks like Logitech is going to make a whole lot of PS3 owners verrrry happy by adding Bluetooth supportdirectly into upcoming Harmony remotes.

• Accusations flew regarding Best Buy's price-matching policy.

• Cisco laid out some serious cash for the maker of Flip video cameras.

• HTC promised three Android-based phones this year.

• Psystar is even bolder than previously thought: The Mac clone maker unveiled a new slimmer model this week.

• And Crave's Kent German gotmost of what he wished for on the new iPhone OS 3.0.