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What we Craved this week

All the gadget news that's fit to blog this week.

Palm Pre
There's still a lot we don't know about the Palm Pre. Corinne Schulze/CNET

Despite appearances to the contrary, we did, in fact, Crave some stuff this week that wasn't made by Apple! Lots of stuff actually. Here's proof:

• Palm held a private Web seminar (sorry, but "Webinar" is a horrible compound phrase), ostensibly to reveal more details about the upcoming Pre smartphone. Unfortunately, we didn't hear much news.

• Dell turned out an uncharacteristically chic desktop that also comes loaded with a multitouch screen.

• Crave got a sneak peek at the upcoming Nintendo DSi--see the video hands-on and full gallery of photos.

• Nokia rolled out a trio of rocking new music phones.

• The new Kindle is proving to be a big headache for some users.

• And because we can't NOT mention it, Donald Bell's official review of the new iPod Shuffle is up, as is Kent German's wish list for iPhone 3.0 software, which is expected to be announced at a special Apple event next week. We'll be there Tuesday morning, so be sure to come back then for our live coverage.