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What we Craved this week

Highlights on Crave during the week.

GSMA Mobile World Congress is over, but other cool stuff happened in tech this week. We swear. Here's a brief look at some of the gadget goodness from the past few days. Enjoy!

Nintendo DSi
CNET Networks

• Netflix recognizes that streaming videos is vastly cooler than renting DVDs.

• The world did not implode when some stations switched to DTV on schedule this week, ignoring Congress' new timetable.

• Psion, a Canadian company, has laid claim to the term "Netbook" and is trying to defend its trademark. Dell thinks Psion should reconsider.

• Nintendo officially announced the DSi's ship date in the U.S., but before you run out to buy it, check out Crave writer Jeff Bakalar's tips on whether you (gasp) actually need it.

• It seemed like everyone and their mom went to Barcelona for mobile-pallooza this week. Except for Android, which was suspiciously MIA.

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