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What we Craved this week

A look back at the best of Crave this week.

Lots of news in gadgets this week, which is welcome after the usual post-CES lull. If you didn't have time to catch it all in real time, we've helpfully compiled a list of some of this week's best stories. Consider it Crave's Valentine to you.

• In honor of the holiday everyone loves to hate, we here at Crave compiled a list of the gadgets we've loved and lost, or got so frustrated with we wanted to throw them against the wall. Check out the gadgets that broke our hearts.

Kindle heartbreak gadget
Joshua Goldman/CNET Networks

• The Kindle 2 arrived Monday looking slimmer, trimmer, and a lot less ugly. David Carnoy does the hands-on review.

• The TV herd is thinning: Pioneer says it'll exit the TV business altogether, and Vizio says it will stop making plasma sets and focus just on LCD.

• Sometimes video game industry swag isn't just ridiculous, it's also delicious.

• Build a phone...out of Legos.

• There's going to be a deluge of mobile news starting this weekend as the GSMA Mobile World Congress kicks off. Head over to the GSMA 2009 blog for the latest info out of Barcelona.

See anything we missed? Write to us at crave dot cnet dot com.