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What we Craved this week

The week's best and weirdest gadget stories.

CES 2009 is a distant memory, but even after last week's deluge of gadget news, this week didn't disappoint. Here's a quick primer to get you up to speed on the most interesting stuff on Crave this week.

Windows 7 netbook
Trying out Windows 7 on a Netbook. CNET

• The next PS3 price cut--coming in April?

• Crave's Dan Ackerman takes Windows 7 for a test drive on a Netbook.

• Last one out at Circuit City, hit the lights.

• Which video games are you most psyched about this year? Here's what we can't wait for.

• Attention Harry Potter wannabes: Duke University has made more progress on an invisibility cloak.

• I can haz robot cat? Actually, never mind. Do not want.

See anything we missed? Write to us at crave dot cnet dot com. And have a great weekend!