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What we Craved this week

Week in Review time!

Didn't have time to stay glued to Crave all week long? No worries. It's that time again: a quick roundup of some of the biggest stuff on Crave this week.

• Steve Jobs was in town--and he brought some new stuff with him.

Apple iPod Touch 2G
The iPod Touch gets an update. CNET Networks

• Samsung noticed it was the only one not making a Netbook. So it fixed that.

• The DTV transition has begun, and CNET's John Falcone has some suggestions about how it could go a bit more smoothly.

• Nintendo says it's adding a storage solution, but is being mysterious about exactly what that will be.

• And last, but not least, if Sen. Barack Obama were a gadget, what would he be? Take our poll.

See anything awesome we missed? Send it our way at crave at cnet dot com.

Have a great weekend!