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What to expect from open-source Symbian (Q&A)

Symbian Foundation CEO Lee Williams talks about the open-sourcing of its mobile OS and whether to expect a Symbian-based tablet.

On Thursday, the Symbian Foundation announced that it had completed the open-sourcing of its mobile operating system--the largest such migration in software history.

ZDNet UK spoke to Lee Williams, chief executive of the Symbian Foundation, to learn more about the implications of the open-sourcing process for the venerable OS and find out what people can expect from upcoming versions--and when they might expect to see a Symbian-based tablet or Netbook.

There was a lot of third-party code in Symbian -- how much of that had to be stripped from the OS, and how much did the third parties agree to open source?

Williams: We took the Symbian OS code, which is approximately a third of the main branch of the code line, then we took the Series 60 code from Nokia, which is easily a third or more, then the code from the former UIQ.

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