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What to do in the Wii launch line

In line for a Wii, there are countless ways to pass the hours

LOS ANGELES--If you had to wait in line for 38 hours for a Nintnedo Wii, what would you do to pass the time?

Well, here at the official West Coast Wii launch, there was only a couple of folks who waited that long, but all told, there are probably 1,000 people in line, and they are choosing all kinds of things to entertain themselves.

Daniel Terdiman/CNET Networks

Many have come in groups. There are countless camp chairs, though none of the makeshift tents and shelters that I saw in San Francisco on Thursday for the PlayStation 3 launch there.

The most common pastime? Eating, by far, and I feel bad for the janitorial staff that will have to clean up after these gamers.

Next up? It seems to be playing games on a Nintendo DS. In fact, there are many clusters of friends who are playing Mario Kart wirelessly against each other. The biggest appeared to be a group of eight standing very close to the front of the line.

Some other things that those in line are doing to pass the time: reading, playing cards, playing guitar, sleeping, creating art on a computer, watching DVDs on a computer, feeding babies, playing sudoku, listening to iPods and playing board games.

Of course, there are countless other choices, but those are the ones that stood out in a quick walk through up and beyond the line.

The Wiis go on sale in about 75 minutes, so I predict a quick stuffing of things into bags soon as the line gets ready to move forward.