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What tech is in your bag? Take the CNET survey!

We're running a survey on the tech you carry with you everyday. To kick things off, Seamus Byrne and Michelle Starr unpack their own bags to show us what's inside.

Take the CNET survey and you'll get yourself a chance to win one of ten AU$100 JB Hi-Fi gift cards.

Updated, June 27 at 4:38 p.m. AST:

Nic Healey raids the treasure trove of tech that is his satchel.

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Updated, June 18 at 2:28 p.m. AST:

Michelle Starr pulls out the tech she carries in her bag.

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Whether it's a backpack, a handbag or a briefcase (or even just your pockets), we're interested in uncovering the tech you're carrying with you each day. Not the tech you own but only use sometimes, the tech that you can't leave the house without. CNET's Seamus Byrne unpacks his back and shows off his goodies:

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