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What Sun's Tremblay will do at Microsoft

The longtime chip architect will work inside a group within Craig Mundie's unit and help set Microsoft's strategic direction relative to software and semiconductor tech.

Marc Tremblay Sun Microsystems

Well, I have a little more information on what Marc Tremblay will be doing once he starts at Microsoft.

In addition to assuming the title "distinguished engineer," Tremblay will be part of a "Strategic Software/Silicon Architectures group." The unit is headed by KD Hallman and is part of the research and strategy organization headed by Craig Mundie.

"Marc will help oversee cross-company technical task forces and strategic direction for the company's software and semiconductor technologies," Microsoft said in a statement.

From what I could glean, the SiArch group, as it is dubbed internally, is responsible for Microsoft's long-term strategy as it relates to chip technologies and handles Redmond's relationships with chip companies.

Tremblay is leaving Sun after 18 years after helping architect its Sparc line of chips and serving as CTO of its microelectronics unit.

His new boss at Microsoft, Hallman, has been at the company since 1994. Prior to her new role, she headed up the Visual Studio unit and before that was part of the natural language group that produced the grammar and spell checker used in Office and Windows. Before joining Microsoft, Hallman worked for Digital Equipment.