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What soccer team would your company be?

Martin Veitch at riffs on how certain football clubs resemble software companies, to good and painful effect.

Martin Veitch, Editor of

If your football club (soccer team) were a software company, which would it be? Martin Veitch, editor in chief of, has written two wonderfully insightful (and painful, depending on which team you follow) analyses of which football clubs lost their software twins at birth. See here and here.

Among my favorites:

Google would be Arsenal: Fancy footwork, nice location in central London, clever ideas, and easy on the eye. The players are all young but a lot of the time all the good work goes nowhere. Best players have recently ended up demanding transfers. (OUCH!)

IBM would be Manchester United: Old money and great tradition. Everybody ends up going there in the end, even if they don't like them.

Oracle would be Real Madrid: Forceful leader reeking of money, fine wine, and cigars. The strategy is to buy anything that moves. It usually works in the end.

Red Hat would be Manchester City: Started out with odds and ends donated by local community but somehow ended up with loads of money flooding in.

Adobe would be Everton: Dogged and outperforming but they only have one plan and they live in the shadow of a bigger and better bunch just down the road.

Novell would be Leeds United: They used to be huge when I were a lad.

There are many more, and they're funniest when comparing to the more obscure teams, in my opinion (i.e., you really have to know the game to get the joke), but very funny and dead-on more often than not.

Try coming up with some for other sports.

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