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What Ripley would look like as an iPod

Like the power loader from Aliens, this contraption will protect its cargo at all cost.


This is the ideal iPod dock for those who carry gear such as the Hummer phone to reinforce their fragile masculine egos. Kind of an MP3 version of the Makita MR100, the 10-pound "Construction Radio" is equally comfortable in the workshop or a demolition site for a 40-story high-rise. Indeed, it looks something like a "HyperBike" for the media player, or maybe a scaled-down version of Ripley's power loader from Aliens.

It comes with a built-in spotlight, SD card slot, dual power outlets, and an AM-FM radio in addition to a fortified iPod dock, according to T3, so you can enjoy your favorite Broadway show tunes while wielding a power saw. And if you're adding the latest songs from High School Musical 3 through its USB port, we have the perfect flash drive for it.