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What Nintendo Switch? This guy's friends built a portable SNES

Someone on the internet appears to have hacked an old Super Nintendo so that it's portable. The 10-year-old me is super jealous.

A Frankenstein game machine the kid me would have loved.

Kuoure Momo/Twitter

The internet's latest wonder is a hacked old video game console.

You may have already heard about Nintendo's new video game console, the Nintendo Switch, which hit store shelves Friday. But a Twitter user posted a video of his Frankenstein project: 1990's Super Nintendo video game console put in a case with a display, and playable on the go.

Like most technology from the '90s, this project is rather bulky compared to the svelte art museum-inspired products of today's tech. But if this had existed when I was a kid, I'd be all over it.

"My friends brought a revamped Super Nintendo and made it portable," the Twitter user who goes by Kuoure Momo wrote. The user did not respond to a request for comment about how it was made.