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What Microsoft supporters fail to remember

A reader writes that after all the findings against the software giant, the DOJ settlement is quite weak.


What Microsoft supporters fail to remember

In response to the Dec. 20 column by Leonard Orland, "Microsoft: Anyone for drawing and quartering?":

I don't necessarily agree with all the suggested remedies posed by the holdout states, but I'm very happy they have not gone along with the government's slap on the wrist. After all the findings against Microsoft, the DOJ settlement is quite weak.

What's wrong with having Microsoft offer both a slimmed-downed version of the operating system and a full-featured version? This gives the consumer a choice and computer makers the option of installing alternative add-on software without paying for Microsoft add-on software.

Orland writes: "What Microsoft haters love to forget is that the federal appeals court reviewing the verdict came to very different conclusions." What Microsoft supporters fail to remember is the large buckets of money thrown at the government over the past few years--a possible persuader of justice.

They also seem to forget the pattern of Microsoft business practices, which have not given competing technologies a fair chance. The software giant will conquer audio/video as it did the browser war if more obstacles are not created to weaken its monopoly.

Bill Fant
President/Creative Director, EdgeDesign
Miami Beach, Fla.