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What mattered at CES Day 3

As CES rumbles into its third day, robots and award winners are among the most interesting new developments.

LAS VEGAS--Like an ancient dragon returning to its mountain cave for a thousand years of slumber, CES is starting to wind down for another year. Despite being three days in, exciting new tech and developments are continuing to emerge however, so here are the gadgets and videos you need to check out immediately.

Firstly, CNET has rounded up the hottest tech from the show, and -- with a huge helping hand from our readers -- has compiled our Best of CES 2013 Award Winners list. It's good news for Razer, whose Edge gaming tablet takes home the coveted Best of Show award, having impressed us with its vision of high-end gaming on a tablet.


As if that's not enough for the maker of glowing peripherals, Razer's Edge also nabbed the People's Voice award, as voted for by you, our tech-hungry readers.

Other ace products to win a tip of the hat this year include the 3D Systems CubeX 3D printer, and the dual-screen YotaPhone smart phone, which packs an e-ink display alongside a regular LCD panel -- handy for checking a map or reading an article without chugging through your mobile's power reserves. Be sure to check out our full list of CES award winners here.

CES may be crammed to the gunwales with TVs, tablets and toys, but this year has also seen an especially strong showing for robots of all shapes and sizes, including robot doctors, brain-melting Lego and a vast mechanical snake. Intrepid CNET reporter Tim Hornyak has been hunting down the show's most jaw-dropping 'bots, so be sure to flick through the slideshow below and take a peek at them before they achieve sentience and take over the planet.

Finally, Jessica Dolcourt has gone hands-on with Corning's spangly, flexible Willow Glass -- a bendy panel that could one day sit beneath smart phone or tablet panels, bringing curvy displays a step closer to commercial reality. It's extremely intriguing tech, so make sure you point your peepers at the clip below to see it in action.

Now playing: Watch this: Bend it like Corning Willow Glass

Don't forget to check out the week's biggest new products and announcements in our CES days' one and two roundups. What's been tickling your tech fancy this CES? Is there anything you were hoping to see that's been sadly absent? Let us know in the comments.