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Here's the new iPhone lineup

Apple made some new additions and cuts to its phone lineup. Here's a quick glance at the available models and their pricing.

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Apple's latest iPhone is smaller and cheaper, making it a tempting buy for anyone looking to upgrade. However, if downsizing or switching to Android isn't your thing, there are a bevy of other iPhone options available.

We've neatly outlined the pricing information for each model here, and if you're interested in the same information about the latest iPads, we've got you covered.

The iPhone SE replaces the iPhone 5C as Apple's budget-friendly option for its handsets. With its polished metal encasing, however, it doesn't look much like the plastic and colorful 5C. Instead, it looks almost identical to the iPhone 5, which debuted almost four years ago.

Despite its familiar look though, the SE is the cheapest handset available from the company, and Apple hopes to entice users by loading it up with a 12-megapixel camera, a proprietary A9 processor and its latest iOS 9.3 mobile software.

Apple iPhones

16GB 64GB 128GB
iPhone 6 $549 $649 N/A
iPhone 6 Plus $649 $749 N/A
iPhone 6S $646 $749 $849
iPhone 6S Plus $749 $849 $949
iPhone SE $399 $499 N/A