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What happens if you drop dry ice into slime? It's like a hot tub for the Munsters

Remember the guy who threw 30 pounds of dry ice into a pool? He's baaaaack.

Leave it to the YouTuber who goes by the handle Crazy Russian Hacker to decide to mix dry ice and slime. In his latest video, he prepped a bowl of green slime made from an otherwise unidentified powder packet mixed with hot water, and added chunks of of dry ice.

The resulting lunacy was similar to what it must be like to sit in a hot tub at the Munsters' or the Addams Family's house, kinda like soaking in an underworld swamp. Highlights included perfectly round bubbles, eerie dry-ice smoke rings, and an Old Faithful-style eruption of vapor. Or, as Crazy Russian Hacker howls, "Looks like a volcano, farting volcano!"

Commenter Megan Rivera was thinking ahead to October: "Perfect for Halloween though, right? Stick the slime in a cauldron-type thing and make a perfect witch's brew for a haunted house party!"

(Note: While Crazy Russian Hacker gets so enthused he eventually shoves his bare hands right in the bowl, the gloves he wears in the first part of the video were a better idea. Dry ice can burn skin.)

It's not Crazy Russian Hacker's first flirtation with dry ice. In May, he added 30 pounds (13.5 kilograms) of dry ice to a swimming pool. In that video, he made a similar comparison, declaring that, "It looks like a volcano underwater." His icy volcano erupted nicely with viewers: That video now has over 21 million views. Ice, ice, baby.