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What frustrates you most about your laptop?

You're likely to live with the same laptop for at least the next couple of years, if not longer--so what drives you crazy about it?

Spending so much time with the latest and greatest laptops (and a few not-so-great ones), it's easy to get used to killer features such as the battery life of a MacBook or the keyboard on a Lenovo ThinkPad.

If there's something about a particular laptop that drives me crazy, I've usually moved on to the next one before it became too big a hassle to deal with. On the other hand, buying a laptop is a big investment for most people, and you're likely to live with that particular unit for at least the next couple of years, if not longer.

So, my question is, having lived with your particular laptop for an extended period of time, what, specifically, frustrates you about it?

I put this query out on Facebook and Twitter last week, and gathered a lot of responses (see the example posted here). Now it's time to open the question up to you, so use the comments section below, or send me a note on Twitter at @danackerman, and I'll collate the responses and report back next week on your biggest laptop frustrations.