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What Facebook can learn from Google

Facebook has a lot to learn. Google shows the way.

The New York Times has some great advice for Facebook: be patient, just as Google has been.

There is something astoundingly tone deaf about how Facebook has handled its recent advertising initiatives. Mr. Zuckerberg is right: there are lots of people who would find it cool to tell the world what movies they just rented and even what color socks they just bought. But [Facebook has] got to know that others would find this intrusive....

So the challenge to Facebook is clear: If you want to be as ambitious as Google, you may need to be as patient as Google is too.

It's not just about Facebook's ill-fated Beacon experiment, though, as the Times suggests. It's about not trying to wring every last penny from investors and customers today, relying instead on the medium to long-term to live up the the hefty valuations. Facebook may not have the patience to wait, but it's likely that its users will have even less patience with continued bungles.