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What does your TweetCloud say about you?

Using Twitter's API, a new little service maps out your most frequently Twittered words. Who says "cheezburger" a lot?

This morning, it seems like everyone on my Twitter contacts list is talking about TweetClouds. It's an application that uses the microblogging service's API to create a "cloud" of the most frequently used words used in a given Twitter member's feed of "tweets."

It only works with Twitter accounts that are publicly accessible--some members keep their updates friends-only--and it takes a while for the app to munch through all the "tweets" and form a cloud. And like many small Twitter applications that get unexpected viral buzz, the server sometimes crashes. But when it's working, the end result can be kind of cool.

My TweetCloud.

Judging by my Tweet Cloud, it looks like I most frequently Twitter about hopping around the grid of Manhattan. My most-Twittered word is "going," followed by words like "getting," "home," "time," and um, "party." After that, it looks like I Twitter about my job: words like "office," "work," "writing," "coffee," and "facebook" (the company I spend the most time writing about) are on there, too, as is "boston," a city I like to make fun of a lot.

Also in the cloud are some of my favorite things, like "running," "reading," and "pizza," and a display of my propensity for words like "dude," "awesome," "omg," and "pumped."

Another new application of note is TweetStats, a more quantitative Twitter application that crunches numbers on how often you Twitter, to whom you send the most "reply" tweets, and when you're Twittering the most (3 a.m. anyone?). CenterNetworks' Allen Stern suggests it as a way to spy on other Twitter users. He's probably got the right idea there.

Now if there were a way to mash up TweetClouds and TweetStats, well, that would be creepy.