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What does Siri look like? See for yourself

3D-printing marketplace Shapeways unveils the winners of a contest to visualize the iPhone's disembodied assistant Siri.

Omniscient Siri design
Siri has had enough. She wants out. SaGa Designs/Shapeways

Siri's voice evokes different images for different people. We know she probably doesn't look like a big, hairy guy. So if Siri were real, what would she look like?

A contest by Shapeways offers a few different answers to that question. One of the top two winners is "Omniscient Siri" by SaGa Design. It takes the form of a face attempting to escape from an iPhone. It also doubles as a particularly unusual iPhone case.

The other winning design, by Eddie Adolf, imagines Siri as a punk-rock cyborg personal assistant sitting at a curved desk taking your questions through a headset.

Other favorite designs that received honorable mentions include an image of Siri as a pants-less sexy superhero and Siri as a fritzed-out blockheaded robot wrestling with information overload.

The winners will be made available through Shapeways' 3D-printing service. Omniscient Siri is already available to order. It will cost you $90 to make it look like she's desperately trying to escape your iPhone to get away from your inane questions.

This may be the closest you'll get to putting your hands on a real-life Siri. Just remember to behave yourself. After all, she knows where you live.

Check out the slideshow for the winners and honorable mentions.

(Via Huffington Post)