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What does Lindsay Lohan have to do with 'Wii Fit'?

Celebutante's famous arrest took place just a stone's throw from where E3 had been two weeks earlier.

Nothing, actually. But I think this is pretty funny nonetheless.

Lindsay Lohan's mugshot.

As we've all heard over and over and over again by our faithful news media, troubled actress Lindsay Lohan was arrested on Tuesday night for driving under the influence, driving with a suspended license, and cocaine possession. (Last we heard, she said the coke wasn't hers.) Another day, another celebrity party-girl drug bust--same old, same old. But for those of us who went to the E3 Media and Business Summit in Santa Monica earlier this month, this one was particularly funny because the intersection where Lohan was arrested--Main St. and Pico Boulevard--was right smack in the middle of the gamer-geek blitz two weeks ago.

From what the and Perez Hilton crowd have been saying, Lohan had had an altercation of sorts with either her assistant, her second assistant, or the mother of her assistant (can we keep this all straight?) prior to the "car chase." The tiff in question was allegedly in the parking lot of the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, which had been the venue for Nintendo's big press conference at E3 almost exactly two weeks earlier. Nintendo's conference, as you may recall, was where the new Wii Fit Balance Board told CEO Reggie Fils-Aime in front of a large audience that he was overweight.

I think there are probably about, oh, three or four thousand geeks who are wishing the arrest could've been two weeks earlier so that they could've been in such close proximity to Lindsay Lohan--or on the other hand, who are glad they didn't have to deal with the paparazzi traffic jams while attempting to drive from one E3 hotel suite to the next.

Too bad, because it arguably would've been the most newsworthy moment of the conference.