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What do you watch on a 24k TV?

LG introduces its "Luxury Gold" home theater system.

Tech Digest

Nearly a year after its first sightings, the $130,000 "Yalos Diamond" TV may finally have some competition--at least in the Department of Gaudy (otherwise known as DOG).

Speaking of abbreviations, we didn't know that LG stood for "Luxury Gold," as it does in the case of this 24-carat monstrosity. True to its moniker, the home theater system includes a 71-inch LCD in full 1080p high definition, as well as receivers, media players and a 500-watt sound all trimmed and plated in real gold, according to Aving. It's truly obscene.

The price of the system wasn't disclosed, so we can't do any comparison shopping against the Yalos or other luxury TVs. Prospective buyers should be aware, however, that lighting in their media rooms will be particularly important; the glare from the reflections could be blinding.