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What do you want from the next Android device?

Crave asks its readers what they want from the next Google Android smartphone.


While many cell phone fans are awaiting the launch of the Palm Pre and details of a new iPhone, there's another segment of the community that's waiting for something else: more Google Android phones.

Their arrival seems imminent with a T-Mobile-branded HTC Magic passing through the FCC and now the Samsung I7500 getting the official stamp of approval. Also, there are rumors of a Motorola-manufactured T-Mobile G1 v2 slated for October. And let's not forget that Sony Ericsson, HTC, and Samsung have more than one Android device slated for 2009.

While the prospect of new hardware is exciting and we certainly need some new designs to add to lonely (and umm, clunky) T-Mobile G1, let's not forget the guts of the phone, the actual Android operating system.

A number of features and fixes are being added through the Android 1.5 Cupcake update, including an on-screen landscape keyboard, video recording, stereo Bluetooth, updated Webkit browser, and UI improvements. All were welcome and much-needed additions, but we'd like to see a few more things in the near future. Native Microsoft Exchange support would be a good start as well as Flash support. G1 users have also complained about the inability to save apps to SD cards and limited internal memory.

Android 2.0 (code-named Donut) is already attracting buzz, though we know very little about it except that it will support WVGA and QVGA screen resolutions. It may or may not address some of the issues above, but while we wait for the new devices to come out, let me ask you, dear Crave reader: what would you like to see in the next Android device? It can be about the hardware or software or both. I'd love to hear your thoughts.