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What do you think of the new BBC homepage?

The BBC's new homepage is live in a beta version, and it's a rather spiffy tiled affair. But is it any cop? We want your views.

The BBC has a brand-new website on the way, and it's thrown the beta version up on to the Internet for us all to gawp at. But what do you reckon? We want to hear your views in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.

The new page puts us very much in mind of Microsoft's agonisingly trendy (no, we never thought we'd use those three words together either) Windows Phone interface, with dynamic tiles arranged in a colourful carousel.

The carousel displays stories from BBC News and Sport, TV, radio and online. You can cycle through it with arrow buttons to the left and right, and tinker with the kind of stuff that shows up by clicking tabs along the bottom.

Underneath there's a column that lists the most popular items across the Beeb's various enterprises, another column that tells you what's on the telly, and one that houses a list of links to other threads of Auntie's online spider's web. Click those columns and they slide apart like the doors on Star Trek, giving you a better view.

The most interesting element of the new design is its resemblance to a smart phone homescreen. We're paying particular attention to the weather widget at the top that shows how heavily it's raining in your area, and the ticking clock too.

We suspect the BBC will be especially keen that the page plays well with mobile devices, especially the iPad.

We like the sleek and streamlined look, and the page seems intuitive to navigate, with no obvious glitches. That said, aesthetically it's much like other big TV channel websites, so radio and BBC News fans might feel it gives too much weight to the BBC's TV output, or that it doesn't look serious enough.

Auntie says the page is "nearly ready" to replace the (now decidedly dusty) existing Beeb homepage, though it could well be tinkered with further before it's finished.

What do you think of the design? Let fly in the comments section below, or on our Facebook wall. And if you have any ideas of your own or if you've spotted a bug, you can tell the BBC directly.