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What do FedEx, Visa, Amazon, France Telecom, and PG&E have in common? OSBC

OSBC is getting a serious contingency of IT executives this time around. You should join us.

InfoWorld just sent me an update on attendees for the Open Source Business Conference (March 25-26, San Francisco), and it was gratifying to see five years of effort paying off. IT executives (i.e., those managing IT within enterprises) is up 300 percent over 2007 (which was up considerably over 2006 and previous years). Registered attendees have doubled over 2007, too.

This year you'll see US Bank, Shimano, Boise Cascade, Visa, Amazon, NASA, Bank of America, The Gap, Federal Express, and hundreds more from the IT community in attendance.

It's going to be a killer show.

We have an excellent roster of speakers, demonstrating the best in IT (PayPal, Kaplan, New York Times, etc.), the best in software (Red Hat, Microsoft, Oracle, MySQL, Alfresco, SugarCRM, Loopfuse, etc.), and the best in legal (Mark Radcliffe, Brad Smith, Heather Meeker, etc.). The best OSBC ever. Be sure to come.