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What device will challenge the iPhone: Thoughts from the readers

Will the iPhone face serious competition from any other gadgets? Some readers weigh in.

Wow, nothing gets people worked up like talking about Apple vs. anything. For the record, I use a BlackBerry Curve on Verizon and have been BlackBerry loyal for about three years. I just think the iPhone is very compelling in comparison to nearly everything else.

So what will compete with iPhone? The readers speak:

  • Samsung i900
  • HTC Diamond and the real iPhone killer HTC Touch Pro *coming soon*
  • The Sony Xperia *coming soon*
  • Why a new entrant? RIM's BlackBerry Curve already holds its own quite well against even the iPhone 3G. The Bold will wipe the floor with it.
  • Nothing will challenge the iPhone until Windows Mobile 7 is released. Even then, it might not be enough. There may not be any serious challenge to the iPhone until Windows Mobile 8 in 2010.
  • First, Blackberry HAS NO NEED for an "iPhone killer." Second, the Thunder project PREDATES the iPhone. GET THE FACTS STRAIGHT. It's APPLE fighting the uphill battle, not RIM. Argue all you want, it can't change the facts.