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Whaddyareckon?: Where have all the Trekkies gone?

With the 11th Star Trek film currently in post-production, we try and track down some Trekkies.

Now that gadgets and the internet are an essential part of our lives, the notion of geekdom is largely moot. Nerdy, cultish pop-culture predilections are no longer so niche — the 2009 Star Trek movie, being directed by Lost's J.J. Abrams, will bring the franchise to a generation that missed The Next Generation.

So where, then, does that leave the Trekkies? Are they still around? Do they remain fiercely protective of their franchise? And does the endless Spock versus Kirk debate continue to occupy their minds and hearts?

This week we head out into the crowds equipped with a Klingon lexicon to see if we can track down any Trekkies.