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Whaddyareckon?: Travel tech

Our special travel edition of Whaddyareckon? sees jump on a plane bound for London to quiz travellers on what tech items they've packed for their trip, and how they stay in touch with the folks back home.

Planning a tropical getaway to escape the winter chill?

If you're fraught with angst over what tech to take and what to leave behind, take a look at the special travel edition of our new vox pop video series, Whaddyareckon?

We hit the Sydney streets to ask travellers what they brought, what they left behind, and how they keep in touch with the people back home. Then we jumped on a plane to London, fronted up to the banks of the Thames and did it all over again.

These are the lengths we'll go to for research, people.

For a heap of advice on what to tote on your travels -- and how to make sure it all works when you reach your destination -- read our guide to touring with tech.

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