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Whaddyareckon?: Ringtones from Hell

In the first installment of our new show, Whaddyareckon?, we take to the streets to hear tales of mobile phone-related mortification.

A typical workday for the editors consists of bunkering down at our metro HQ and fiddling with MP3 players, video calling each other on the latest 3G phones and shredding up a storm on Guitar Hero. It's a tough job, but we manage to get by with the aid of a little caffeine and a lot of silly banter.

Periodically, though, we emerge from our techtastic office for some fresh air, blinking into the sunlight as our eyes adjust to the ambience of the real world with its verdant foliage and maddening crowds.

Sometimes we even pluck some victims from said crowds, plonk them in front of a camera, and ask them burning questions regarding their digital lives. The result is Whaddyareckon?,'s new show. It's quick, it's dirty, and it gives an often disturbing insight into the mind inside the head on top of the body of your average Australian.

In our first installment, we take to the streets of Sydney to ask punters about the most criminally offensive ringtones they've ever heard, and hear a few tales of phone-related mortification along the way.

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