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Whaddyareckon?: Public transport tech

Is public transport the place for tech? We get your thoughts on loud phone conversations and blaring music in this week's show.

Our technology just keeps getting smaller and smaller, making it easier to pull out your phone or laptop on the train or bus and get stuck into working or relaxing.

Surely no-one would object to this self-contained behaviour, but what happens when transport tech compromises the space -- and sanity -- of fellow travellers? Blaring headphones and loud mobile-phone talkers can test the patience of even the most tolerant traveller after a long day at the office.

This week we drive the Whaddyareckon? bus to the back streets and find out how people feel when they encounter private technology on public transport.

What's your opinion on transport tech? Perhaps you fantasise about strangling that arrogant iPod kid with his own silly white earphones. You can tell us. Go to our forums or the Whaddyareckon? group on Facebook.