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Whaddyareckon?: Implantable phones

The fusion of human and machine. It's always a winner. Well, excluding that whole Skynet thing. In this week's show we ask whether you'd turn yourself into a cyborg by implanting a mobile phone.

While we await the flying cars and artificially intelligent sexbots stage of The Future, it's fun to investigate how people feel about forthcoming tech developments. Like, say, subdermally implantable mobile phones.

Burying a telecommunications device amongst your blood vessels may seem alarmingly invasive, but the convenience and cyborg-esque cool factor holds appeal for some.

In the latest edition of Whaddyareckon? we get imaginative, asking people whether they would install a phone in their bodies — and more importantly, where they would put it. It's all fun and games until these cybernetic organisms turn on their masters and enslave us all.

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