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Whaddyareckon?: Free stuff up for grabs

See what happens when we head to a busy mall and give away all the free stuff that tech companies have sent us this year.

Working at involves some pretty sweet perks. There are the in-office Rock Band sessions. The group dance routines. And then there's the free stuff.

When a tech company has a big announcement to make or hosts a special event, they'll often give things away. Typically the fodder includes things like USB keys, lollies, t-shirts and toys, but occasionally the spoils are sweeter.

All these freebies are much appreciated, but the piles of swag on office desks can reach archaeological-dig-site standards pretty rapidly. The solution? Give it all away.

In this, the season of giving, we grabbed all our swag and headed out on the street to hand it out to passers-by. The only condition? They had to tell us what they planned to do with their chosen freebie.

As you'll see, things began civilly and then descended into the realm of the wildlife documentary. Enjoy!

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